14 November 2011 by Julienne du Toit

The Bushveld Time-Space Continuum

Time stretches out like a warm toffee in the bushveld. As soon as there are trees and grasses and animals about, everything else recedes like a spring low tide. Here clock-time and otherwise-engaged time just falls away and there is only one kind of time - the present, the here and now.

It’s as if all cities, deadlines, appointments and traffic jams are miraculously wiped off the face of the Earth. You wonder why there’s any rush to get back to that surreal madness.

At dawn you are woken by birdsong (or a polite knock on your door for the game drive). You see animals and learn about them. You breathe in sweet and unfamiliar scents of crushed plants. You sleep after lunch. You laze on your verandah and watch a small family of bushbuck move cautiously to the waterhole.

Another game drive, and supper and an early night. You sit on the verandah again and watch a spider constructing a nest. Or a gecko on a hunt. Or the bats flit into the light, chasing moths.

Warning. This may be addictive, and you may forget the precise reason for re-entering the madness of cell phones, connectedness, life via a screen and traffic.

Category: Wildlife

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