29 January 2013 by Ems Tsotetsi

Sushi, anyone?

Taste-Buds Cook Club offers an interactive cooking experience for people of all ages, which will expose you to a variety of new culinary skills.

Chef Jacky at Taste-Buds

Cooking is often seen as a chore, a daunting task that some of us would rather not do. I’m one of those people who loathes the idea of cooking, so when a colleague recently asked me to go to an 'interactive cooking experience' – basically fancy jargon for cooking classes – I toyed with the idea for a while. But what a great experience it turned out to be.

We booked for a sushi-making class at Taste-Buds Cook Club in Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg. Upon our arrival, Chef Angela Dike and her team had prepared our workstations, with all the ingredients laid out for our sushi-making experience. We then put on our chef hats and aprons and were ready to get started.

Taste-Buds is the brainchild of Angela, who left the corporate world to pursue her passion of cooking and sharing her knowledge with other culinary enthusiasts. The cooking classes are a great way to bond with your friends, partner or team members while sipping a cooldrink or something a little stronger. Group and team-building cooking classes are also very popular.

For some reason, all my sushi pieces were bigger than anybody else’s; it caused quite a few laughs.

Once we got going, our sushi master, Chef Jacky, showed us a couple of tricks and techniques to ensure that our sushi was up to par. ('What kind of sushi is that,' he mocked me, jokingly – for some reason, all my sushi pieces were bigger than anybody else’s; it caused quite a few laughs.) We made various types of sushi, including California rolls, sashimi, maki and my favourite, nigiri.

Three to four hours later, we were done. Whatever you don’t finish in class, you can take with you to brag to your family and friends about your new-found skills.

Other courses on offer include:

  • Romantic couples' evening
  • Italian and home-made pasta
  • Moroccan dishes
  • Thai cooking
  • Kids' Cookery Class

For more info, please contact: angela@taste-buds.co.za, or +27 (0)83 600 9096






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