22 October 2012 by Denise Slabbert

Sunday on my mind

Everything artisanal can be found at Market on Main in downtown Jozi. For those who love good food and beautiful things, it’s a great spot for Sunday browsing and brunching.

Market on Main – foodies all welcome

A friend’s birthday invite is for breakfast/brunch at Canteen at Arts on Main in the city. The coffee is hot, the vibe is very Sunday, and Highveld light shines warmly through the trees in the wide urban courtyard. Kids hop from stepping stone to stepping stone as Jo'burgers arrive slowly, gently easing into the morning. Sometimes Jo'burg is very beautiful, and today is such a day.

Lunch under the trees at Canteen

Arts on Main is a great place to hang out any time of the week, but Sunday has Market on Main – an added attraction to the really great breakfast served at Canteen restaurant. Canteen is in good company, surrounded by galleries, a fantastic book shop, funky clothing spaces and fun places to browse.

The incense from the colourful Ethiopian coffee circle just across the courtyard wafts over to us, as patrons sip their coffee on colourful cushions. No one is in a hurry.

Market on Main only gets started around 10ish, and it’s pretty rustig (laid back) at this time.

There are designer boerewors rolls and a place to order a Bloody Mary to take the edge off after a heavy night.

There’s a fabulous mix of food and craft on offer in the marketplace – mountains of olives; sushi to go; an enormous Thai prawn curry; roosterkoek (griddled cake); designer mini-cakes; stoic mounds of cheese; home-made chilli; organic tea; fruit and nuts; Indian fare, Mexican fare and Ethiopian fare; and a popcorn stand thrown in for good measure.

Nuts for sale at Market on Main

There are designer boerewors (South African sausage) rolls and a place to order a Bloody Mary to take the edge off after a heavy night; or a mojito, just because 12 noon is approaching, and you can.

There are a few chairs and tables if you want to relax and chat, but it's a place to browse, taste, discover. As the website says: ‘Market On Main is made for the people of Jo'burg by the people of Jo'burg. Our goal is to encourage inner-city lifestyle, learn lots about sustainable living, and provide a relaxed and creative space for our friends to spend their leisure time.’

That about sums it up – whether you’re from the Jozi glitter pit or not, a visit to Arts on Main is the perfect start to any Sunday.

Delicious treats from the Johannesburg Culinary and Pastry School


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