19 July 2012 by Ems Tsotetsi

Strolling through the Company’s Garden – a photo essay

The Company’s Garden is a provincial heritage site featuring stunning gardens and a variety of birdlife.

The Company’s Garden is in Queen Victoria Street in Cape Town, adjacent to the South African Parliament. It's home to the oldest cultivated pear tree in South Africa.



It is situated near important landmarks such the Iziko South African Museum and Planetarium,  the National Library of South Africa, and the South African National Gallery, to name just a few. 



Features include themed gardens, botanically and historically valuable trees, and historical statues and memorials. 



Walking through the garden, you will spot a well dating back to 1842, which has a pump embedded in an oak tree. 



One of the stunning sections at the Company's Garden is the Japanese theme garden, which has lanterns donated by a Japanese ambassador in 1932.  



The Delville Wood Memorial Garden commemorates the World War I battle at Delville Wood in France.


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