03 April 2011 by Kate Turkington

Stretch your spiritual limits in the Karoo

Journey deep into your soul in the tiny Karoo town of Philippolis. Stretch your spiritual limits at the imaginative, multi-dimensional memorial to Laurens van der Post, author of 25 books, philosopher and author of The Lost Tribe of the Kalahari.

Known as the “White Bushman” by his beloved San/Bushmen friends and colleagues, Laurens van der Post regarded life as a journey. His memorial reflects this philosophy.

Walk first along a simple white stone walkway with a row of columns on your right hand side, denoting the pillars and milestones of your life - it’s significant that you can’t see the end of this side of the walkway.

On your left a curved wall denotes your spiritual journey.  The two paths converge at a halfway mark - a gateway - that becomes the link between your physical journey and your spiritual one, and reminds you that life doesn’t end with death, but continues endlessly on.

In the centre of the gateway rests the urn containing van der Post’s ashes.  Its position, suspended halfway up the spiritual wall, symbolises the relationship between life and death, heaven and earth. 

Then visit the Zen garden, a reminder of the author’s incarceration in a Japanese prison camp in World War ll, an English rose garden for the time he spent in England,  indigenous trees, and a meditation bench facing the Kalahari and - a labyrinth.

Circle into the heart of the labyrinth and as you walk think about the Meaning of Life.

You’ll come away spiritually refreshed.

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