15 February 2011 by Denise Slabbert

Stretch and Grow along the Garden Route

Doing yoga in nature is definitely a ‘different’ way to enjoy your holiday in South Africa. There are a few local companies offering ‘yoga safari’ packages that include yoga sessions and trips into the bush. The whole idea is about marrying nature and the practice of yoga - that way one reaps the benefits of fresh air and gorgeous scenery combined with breathing, stretching and meditation (the best of all worlds).  For those visiting the Garden Route, Barry Greyvenstein has recently launched ‘Stretch and Grow’ - a De-Stress Yoga Retreat School based along the scenic Groot Brak River. Barry says, ‘It’s all about stretching the body and growing the mind. We offer structured courses providing personalised attention and instruction in Hatha Yoga to de-stress and de-tox with breathing and meditation. Qualified instructors offer week-end retreats organised according to demand’. He says that the ‘champagne air’ of the Groot Brak River combined with deliberate yoga moves is a balm for body and soul. Who’s to argue?

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