04 May 2014 by Stuart Buchanan

Sports cars and scenic drives in Cape Town

Whether you live the lifestyle of the rich and the famous, or just want to experience it for a couple of days, Cape Town offers the views – and the cars – to indulge your inner rock star.

Petrolhead heaven – the showroom floor of Crossley & Webb. All photos and video by Stuart Buchanan

A recently opened establishment in the Cape Town CBD caters not only to the casual car fan, but also to the dedicated petrolhead and the cautious investor.

Crossley & Webb are motoring investment specialists, and their showroom floor is covered with classic cars, modern sports cars and rare collectors' specials. It's also the newest branch of écurie25, the largest supercar club in the world. For a cool £25 000 a year, members can walk into showrooms around the globe and make use of 70 of the most desirable cars in the world. In Cape Town, this includes the Maserati Gran Cabriolet, the Bentley Continental and the Ferrari 458 Italia.

'You don't have to own a supercar, but you might like the idea of driving a Ferrari one day,' says Jason Furness, project manager at Crossley & Webb, who also runs a business providing vehicles to the film industry. 'What's it like to take one out for a day? Maybe you want to impress the girlfriend or the wife. Maybe you're in London and you fancy taking your mother to the ballet and having a Rolls Royce Phantom for the evening. That's the idea of the club. You don't have to own the car, you don't have to insure it, you don't have to look after it. You basically just jump in and out of various sports cars.'

A prancing stallion – the instantly recognisable symbol of a Ferrari A prancing stallion – the instantly recognisable symbol of a Ferrari

If you're looking to buy, sell, fix up, store, or simply ogle at a range of high-end automobiles, this is the place to be. 

'Cars today will never be made the way they were in the 1950s, so it's a little bit like buying a piece of art, or an antique. There's often nostalgia or history attached to a classic car,' says Jason.

That's certainly true of one of the temporary residents of the showroom floor – A DeLorean DMC-12, made famous by the Back To The Future films:

Ahead of its time: the DeLorean

DeLoreans are rare sights on the road these days, especially in South Africa. Jason Furness of Crossley & Webb tells us why people love this car, and shares some of his favourite scenic drives around Cape Town.

Cape Town is fast becoming a popular filming location for major Hollywood films and TV shows, and a scenic drive around the Peninsula will quickly reveal why. The varied scenery comprising mountains, valleys, sheer rock cliffs, seascapes, forest and the city skyline is one of the reasons why Cape Town is often considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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Prefer your British classic cars? How about this beautifully restored Austin-Healey Prefer your British classic cars? How about this beautifully restored Austin-Healey

You could take a drive along Chapman’s Peak Drive, known affectionately as 'Chappies', which encompasses sheer drops to the sea below and towering mountains above. Or try the Stellenbosch Wine Routes, which take you past picturesque wine farms surrounded by mountains and vineyards. Or head up along the West Coast, and see the stunning fauna and flora of the Cape West Coast Biosphere Reserve. 

Closer to the CBD, catch a sunset from Signal Hill, and enjoy views of the City Bowl, the harbour and, of course, Table Mountain. De Waal Drive hugs the side of Table Mountain – a dual carriageway that carries you into central Cape Town, and one of the most pleasant roads to drive on (especially if you are in a supercar!). 

Head out along the Atlantic Seaboard, along Victoria Road, and make a stop at Camps Bay for sundowners (remember to arrange a designated driver if you do). Boyes Drive offers great views of False Bay. This road, which runs between Muizenberg and Kalk Bay, is also good for whale spotting in winter (July/August).

Now, if only they'd invent a time machine so we could all enjoy Cape Town for longer...

Great Scott! The DeLorean is truly a sight to behold Great Scott! The DeLorean is truly a sight to behold

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