14 April 2011 by Kate Turkington

Soweto Extreme Sports

So you probably know that Soweto is famous for its Struggle history, its unique street with the homes of two Nobel Prize winners, its vibey shebeens, the largest hospital in the Southern Hemisphere, its international award-winning music groups. But did you know that you can also join the locals in some Extreme Sports at Soweto Outdoor Adventures?

No, you won’t be bungee jumping off Orlando Power Station’s brightly painted iconic cooling towers, but you could well be zipping and zooming round Soweto’s only quad bike track.

There’s a variety of very affordable adventures in store for you. Mili tries the starter pack of just 10 laps (2 practice and 8 for fun), Palesa goes for the half-day scenic trail which include a drinks break and a braai lunch. These longer trails are a great way to get up close to Soweto.

The guys decide on the Paintball Battlefield and choose the Rescue your Boss/Friend option. The team which shoots the enemy and unties their friend first wins the day. (Our team lost!)

Then it was off for a 30-minute speed boat ride round the Orlando Towers Dam. As the sun goes down off South Africa’s largest township, the boat stops so we can all have a glass of bubbly before heading off to any one of Soweto’s jazz venues.

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