16 August 2013 by Kate Els

Don't get your lions crossed

A rather crafty mastiff has been uncovered as a pretend-lion in a Chinese zoo.

A rather cunning canine was recently discovered disguising himself as an African lion in a Chinese zoo (read the original Getaway blog here).

Prancing about in the cage, the sly pooch was uncovered when accidentally letting out a bark of excitement when passers-by mistook him for a legitimate Panthero leo, or African lion for those of us who don't speak Latin.

South Africa, of course, is known for its wildlife, and we have plenty of real African lions for tourists to spot in our various national parks and game reserves around the country. And the remainder of the Big 5 have only one response for the mischievous mutt: 'WOOF'!

We have a few more responses too – check out our Facebook page for a Friday afternoon laugh!

Category: Wildlife

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