19 December 2010 by Kate Turkington

So you need a break from Christmas shopping?

It may look like a prison block outside, but once you step into the Regency Hyatt in the heart of Rosebank, Johannesburg, you become a voluntary captive.

I was there on a busy Christmas shopping day when frantic would-be buyers outside were chasing after that perfect present for Auntie May, or it looks like it’s going to be socks again for Grandpa.

I was whisked up to the 6th floor where the newly refurbished Phumula Spa lies hidden over a bridge at the end of a long corridor. It’s all understated elegance and tranquillity here - no Asian chic, or OTT décor. Simple earth tones prevail highlighted by a variety of textures.

Nobody chats endlessly to you about their careers and their troubles as you enjoy a Pinotage massage or a ‘jabula’ - a powerful stress reliever treatment. The therapists are quiet, professional, pleasant and exude an aura of calm.

Suitably de-stressed, I head off for the NdaU restaurant. As you sit outside in the lovely gardens full of birdsong, it’s hard to believe that a business and shopping hub are just a robin’s hop away.


Category: Adventure

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