17 February 2011 by Robyn Campbell

Schnapps to it!

Wilderer’s Distillery is a-must for Schnapps lovers.

Restaurateur Helmut Wilderer started distilling haus schnaps in Germany, and went on to study the art of distillation in Austria.

Located just 3km outside Paarl, if Helmut’s TDF (To Die For) schnapps isn’t already a good enough reason to visit, his authentic Alsace Flammkuchen, a French-German speciality served at his restaurant Pappa Grappa’s, definitely is!

In essence, a super-thin, crispy pizza base (South Africans might call it a giant crepe) topped with cream cheese, finely diced bacon, garlic and onions, Helmut serves it the traditional way, as a communal food.

Everyone shares the delicious, piping hot Flammkuchen, from the same wooden board, along with their choice of personality juice - wine, beer, or schnapps. As the Flammkuchen keep coming, just watch the party get started!

You can even indulge in a sweet Flammkuchen filled with apple compote and flambéed with Helmut’s Wilderer Obstler - a pear and apple schnapps.

Superlative schnapps though, is the real reason to visit Wilderers.

Equivalent beverages exist all over Europe, and visitors from these schnapps drinking countries are invariably blown away by Helmut’s offering - frequently declaring it superior to what they’ve tasted back home.

Recently, Wilderer Pinotage Red Grappa scored 96.5 out of 100 points at a blind tasting of 100 grappas and eau de vies in Germany. Helmut’s Himbeer Geist and Marillen Brand (Apricot) Eau de Vie are equally drool-worthy.

When available, try the Quetsch, a dry, white, un-aged Alsatian brandy distilled from quetsch plums.

What are you waiting for? Schnapp to it and contact Wilderer’s on +27 (0)21 86 33 555, or visit the website: www.wilderers.co.za

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