25 November 2011 by Denise Slabbert

San Wisdom

Carina Franck is a businesswoman with a vision. She spent her early years on farm in the dry, dusty Northern Cape, while her adult years were spent building up a business in Johannesburg - in the cosmetics industry - before she set her sights and heart on uplifting the San people through a range of exclusive products inspired by the dusty Kalahari.

Carina launched the Kalahari Spa Company in May 2010, with a focus on using localized ingredients such as marula, Kalahari melon seed oil, baobab oil, desert mineral salt crystals and even red dune sand in products such as hand creams, bath scrubs, lip balms, body and shower gels, and massage oils.  Her spa products are certainly making a mark on the local health & wellness scene - there’s the Tsamma hand ritual, the Kalahari Khoi Khoi Escape and the Kalahari Calabash sole survival packages to choose from (for starters).

When Carina’s not perfecting her pampered product offerings, she runs various social initiatives through her company - aimed at uplifting the Khoisan Khumani people - who have been impoverished over many years of neglect and are sadly known as the ‘forgotten people’. Carina’s particular focus these days in on a pre-school in Ashkam, near Upington.

The Kalahari Spa range of products are now available in 16 countries and Carina continues to market a concept that beautifies both inside and out.

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