24 August 2010 by Kate Turkington

Picnic spots in Kruger National Park

There are lots of them - your park map and road signs will direct you.

But here are some dos and donts.

  • Do try to avoid breakfast and lunch times because the picnic spots will be crowded. Rather stagger your stops so that you are there mid-morning or mid-afternoon. At the bigger places you can rent a skottel braii (portable barbeque), and boiling water is available.
  • Do try to stay for a while and have your binoculars and camera handy - particularly if you’re a birder. The birds have become very tame and you’ll get a really good close-up shot.
  • Don’t forget to take your own bacon and eggs along if you want a cooked meal. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a picnic site where the delicious smells of other people’s breakfasts are wafting over you and all you’ve got is a packet of dry biscuits.
  • Don’t make a noise, and if you have children with you, make sure they keep reasonably quiet and don’t run around screaming.

And finally my best picnic spots…

If you are in the middle or south of the park, visit these two picnic spots which have gorgeous views and lots of game: N’wanetsi near Satara, and Mlondozi near Lower Sabie.

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