08 October 2010 by Robyn Campbell

Organically Speaking

Like so many other countries in the world, South Africa is embracing ‘organic’ lifestyles when it comes to the health & wellness community. Awareness has grown around the idea of ‘you are what you eat’ and the idea of ‘real’ food (untouched by pesticides and chemicals) is becoming increasingly popular amongst the culinary aware.

In fact, many of our top restaurants and eateries have hooked into the trend around ‘organic’ produce. There are numerous markets spread all over the country where organic produce is readily available and even large food chains (including the popular Woolworths brand) are seriously ‘going organic’ in terms of what they demand from their suppliers.

In line with this kind of thinking - organic holidays, farm stays and even organic spas are becoming the rage all in South Africa. Watch this space.

Category: Food & Wine

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