17 November 2011 by Julienne du Toit

Natural Knysna is Greenlined

Knysna on the Garden Route has long been one of South Africa’s favourite holiday spots. The town is also blessed with a highly active and proactive tourism office.

Recently Knysna Tourism became a member of GreenLine, an initiative of the Heritage Environmental Company that helps other endeavours to benchmark how environmentally-friendly and socially responsible they are against national and international standards.

Last month it also launched its first Naturally Knysna Festival, drawing inspiration from the forests, lagoon, ocean and mountains that surround the town.

They’re hoping to enthuse townspeople and others by pointing out how nature optimises, how it recycles and restores, how it makes substances far stronger than those that humans can, how it co-operates, shares territory and resources. Humans, with a bit of ingenuity, can do the same.

Catch the next Naturally Knysna Festival in October 2012.

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