29 January 2013 by Denise Slabbert

Mobile treasures and pleasures…

Mobile food trucks are a new trend in South Africa, and a few creative souls from Cape Town have added their own flair to the movement…

In South Africa, truck restaurants, or food trucks, also come in the form of snazzy combis, caravans and even trailers. The food-truck trend started in the United States (of course it did), but these days you can grab a meal from a few fabulous designer trucks in and around Cape Town.



Lady Bonin's Tea Parlour is the brainchild of Jessica Bonin. She says, 'I was desperately unhappy in the film industry and needed an immediate out. A cafe of types seemed viable, and tea became the means to encompass the feeling and mindset I wanted. However, costs were high, so I took it down to basics and what stuck in my head the most was tea. Then I wondered how to do tea differently. Being a tea drinker, but loving the coffee takeaway industry, I figured, why not do takeaway tea?'

And this led to the creatively inspired tea caravan that can be found at the Old Biscuit Mill every Saturday as part of the Neighbourgoods Market. Try out her teas from all over the world, including a wide range of fair-trade teas. Lady Bonin's also caters for special events.



Inspired by the movie industry, the Limoncello food truck is the brainchild of Luca Castiglione, who operates the Cape Town Food Trucks brand. He says, 'My brother works on international films shoots, and crews were always telling him about amazing food trucks that are found in LA and New York. So we hatched an idea for South Africa's first food truck'.

The idea is gourmet food in the most beautiful locations Cape Town has to offer, and the plans are to roll out a few more food trucks to cater to the Cape Town market. Those who visited Castiglione's Limoncello restaurant (now closed) will know that when it comes to delicious authentic fare, he really knows his stuff. The Limoncello food truck is also in demand at various festivals, including Rocking the Daisies, Synergy and the Loeries. 'Being mobile, we can bring our fabulous food to the people', says Castiglione.



Die Wors-Rol, created by 'hungry chef' Bertus Basson, sees delicious gourmet wors rolls* (sausages on a roll) being sold from a trailer. Betsie, the wors rol pin-up girl, is emblazoned on the side of the bright yellow caravan, which is seen at functions and events all over the Western Cape.



* These wors rolls are made from special pork sausages with a special family recipe, courtesy of Bertus Basson. Traditional South African wors rolls are made from boerewors.

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