27 December 2010 by Kate Turkington

Missy finds a home…

One of my daughters found her on a public holiday: December 16th - the Day of Reconciliation. She had been abandoned at a busy Johannesburg shopping centre in the pouring rain. Tied to a shopping trolley with a piece of string, she sat terrified and bewildered as hundreds of Christmas shoppers rushed by.

Sarah noticed this little scrap of misery, picked her up, put her in the car and took her to the local vet. She was pronounced between one and two years old, a Jack Russell/Fox terrier cross, very thin and traumatised but otherwise OK. She was given the necessary injections and handed back.

“Mum, will you keep her until I come back from holiday,” I was asked.

“But you already have four dogs and a stray cat. You can’t keep her.”

“Yes, but we can’t just leave her.”

A pair of large brown eyes gazed imploringly at me from a little furry face.

That’s how the newly named Missy came into my life. She is a cheerful, ladylike, very affectionate little character who is now full of confidence and very attached to my rather staid Labrador, Gemma.  And she is totally devoted to me.

Am I giving her back? No way! Missy has come to stay.

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