20 September 2013 by Denise Slabbert

#MeetSouthAfrica with Jadyson Costa

Brazilian mixed martial arts professional fighter Jadyson Costa has fallen for Cape Town in a big way ...

Jadyson Costa

Costa has been living in Cape Town for more than two years, and is still mesmerised by the city. The reasons are many, but the main one is that he is madly in love with Cape Town's surf, in particular the waves at Camps Bay.

He says, 'I came here to enjoy the surf; I knew it back in Brazil that South Africa has the best waves in the world to surf.'

Beautiful Cape Town. Image by South African Tourism

He draws many similarities between Cape Town and Brazil, and says that when his friends and family visit they are also blown away by what is on offer. 'In Brazil we have similar weather, a similar vibe – people are friendly, receptive people. I really didn't know that Cape Town was like that.'

He teaches fighting skills from a studio in Cape Town and is known to be highly skilled in Brazilian jiu-jitsu; his spare time he spends in the great outdoors. He says the combination of experiences on offer in Cape Town is awesome, and having a city surrounded by both mountains and the ocean makes it pretty special.

He loves the fact that there is just so much to do in Cape Town, from shark cage-diving to riding horses on the beach to seeing penguins in Simon's Town ... and so much more. For Costa, the beautiful weather (particularly in summer) is a huge plus.

In Cape Town, everyone falls in love with the place.

'In Cape Town, everyone falls in love with the place,' he says.

Costa was filmed for a YouTube video clip as part of the #MeetSouthAfrica campaign, which shows ordinary people sharing their stories about South Africa.

The campaign is all about telling authentic stories about travels in and around South Africa – so if you have any fun videos about South Africa, or have done any interviews with interesting people, or, like Jadyson Costa, you've fallen in love with South Africa and want to share this in videos and pictures, then visit the South African Tourism Love South Africa Google+ page and post.

Jadyson Costa – loving life in the Mother City. Image courtesy of Darling Lama Productions

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