29 April 2014 by Kate Els

Meet the bloggers who will #MeetSouthAfrica – Part 2

With the recent announcement of our annual #MeetSouthAfrica bloggers’ trip, we’d like you all to become a little bit more familiar with the bloggers we have selected for this amazing trip around beautiful South Africa.

Blogger Caspar Diederik, who was introduced in Part 1 of this series, making a wine film

The #MeetSouthAfrica bloggers’ trip 2014 will see 14 bloggers cross South Africa on three different routes over a period of 10 days, spotting all of the country’s best sites, testing some of our finest restaurants and staying in some pretty spectacular accommodation along the way. They all arrive on 2 May and travel their paths towards the tourism INDABA, happening in Durban from 10 to 12 May 2014.

Here is another selection of four out of a total of 14 international and local bloggers who will have the amazing experience of showing off South Africa through their own eyes. Some have visited South Africa before, while others have never set foot on our soil. We’re looking forward to welcoming them all.

Check out Part 1 in our series of bloggers here, and Part 3 here.

Umei Teh – CCFoodTravel.com

Umei Teh (left) Umei Teh (left)

One half of the team of editors behind the lifestyle, food and travel blog CC Food Travel, Mei lives in Kuala Lumpur with her husband, Jo, the other part of this blogging team. These travelling foodies are also fitness fanatics and like to squeeze in the odd marathon on their travels.

The couple behind this successful blog firmly believe that culture and food go hand in hand, and they seek out ways to show this to their loyal readers. They both feel that in life, one needs to enjoy what one does, have passion and cultivate a sense of curiosity about the world. They hope that this is conveyed through their blog. CCFoodTravel takes its name from a Malaysian children’s television programme in the 1980s about two adventurous travelling monkeys.

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Kash Bhattacharya – BudgetTraveller.org

Kash Bhattacharya Kash Bhattacharya

Spending his days as a travel blogger, blogger outreach specialist and social media professional, Kash has been showing his audience the best travel experiences the world has to offer through his blog, BudgetTraveller.org. Through the blog, Kash seeks out the best budget experiences on offer across the globe, and has been travelling this way for four years.

In 2013, Kash was shortlisted as a finalist in the Best Travel Blogger category at the British Travel Press Awards. He has been involved in many projects that seek to feature destinations throughout the world.

In conjunction with film expert Jon Melville, Kash also launched Film Traveller Cote d'Azur – a blog about film tourism in Cote d'Azur for the Cote d’Azur tourism board.

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Rob Lloyd – stophavingaboringlife.com

Rob Lloyd Rob Lloyd

After liquidating everything he owned to start exploring the globe, Rob decided to document his travels through blogging. He decided to chase his dream of finding a new home in his favourite place on earth – as soon as he’s found it.

Rob takes his readers through his adventures as they unfold on his endless trip around the world. He explores with carefree curiosity, and can often be found near a beach or any place where golf clubs or a fishing rod are in reach.

Rob has been documenting the road less travelled since 2009, has visited roughly 60 countries, has written over 1 000 blog entries, and gained over 100 000 Twitter followers. His motto is, “You’ll never know unless you go.”

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Adriana Lacerda – escapismogenuino.com

Adriana Lacerda Adriana Lacerda

Born in Salvador, Brazil, Adriana has lived throughout the world in her life. While living in Cyprus, Adriana began her blogging career with the aim of conveying the idiosyncrasies of living in a small island in the Mediterranean.

After returning to Brazil after living abroad in Peru, the United States, Spain and Cyprus, she began working with strategic planning for marketing campaigns and trend research. Adriana has worked with clients from different industries, such as Red Bull, Oi, Natura, Arcor, Bunge and Toyota, among others. Her travel stories in more than 40 countries are told through her blog in Brazilian Portuguese.

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The three separate groups of bloggers will focus on three distinct themes in their itineraries – luxury, adventure, and culture and heritage – all the while paying homage to the celebration of 20 years of democracy in South Africa.

We will be looking at the rest of the bloggers in this series over the next couple of days, and will reveal their itineraries just ahead of their arrival on 2 May. Be sure to follow this campaign on the various social media platforms and on this blog over the course of their stay in South Africa by searching for the #MeetSouthAfrica hashtag.

To follow the campaign as it unfolds, in addition to following the hashtag, you can join us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

South African Tourism first instituted its #MeetSouthAfrica bloggers’ campaign in 2013, with the aim of opening up a new form of communication with potential travellers looking for their next holiday destination. The campaign saw over 219-million impressions of the hashtag across various social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. For more information on the trip, click here.

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