23 March 2011 by Denise Slabbert

Meditate in the Magaliesberg

The Emoyeni Retreat Centre is situated in the beautiful Magaliesberg mountains (not too far from Joburg and Pretoria) and is a great getaway for those seeking some time out from real life.  It’s loosely run on the Buddhist principles of cultivating compassion and wisdom, but everyone is welcome. There are various retreats and workshops throughout the year and during April you can book a space for the Practising Peace workshop, the Integrating Buddhist Principles into Mainstream Psychology Retreat or simply enjoy a silent retreat where you get to try and tame the tiger (the chatting mind that creates all the stress in the first place). Looking ahead at the month of May, there is a writing weekend workshop with Eddie Jardine and an opportunity to experience ‘A Taste of Nirvana’ with John Strydom and Maren Bodenstein. Accommodation is basic, meals are vegetarian and you need to book in advance for the workshops.

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