06 August 2012 by Kate Els

Masters in the kitchen

Culinary skill and local ingredients are starting to grab the attention of international chefs and travellers alike

Chefs Neil and Benny enjoyed a day in the kitchen

South African culinary creations are starting to permeate across the globe with their enticing flavour and interesting combination of local ingredients.

Local version of the Australian reality show, Masterchef, was a hit amongst South Africans and has also gone a far way in showing the world that South African fare really does have what it takes to compete on an international level.

Australian Masterchef Neil Perry is in South Africa this week to experience what makes our food so unique and spent Monday afternoon cooking up a storm in the kitchen of 54 on Bath with our very own Masterchef South Africa judge, Benny Masekwameng.

The pair showed off their finely-honed skills in one of Johannesburg’s hotels, 54 on Bath. The hotel was recently renovated and now incorporates the charm of the finest hospitality coupled with modern design and décor.
Perry had lots to say about how much he loved South Africa during his stay in our beautiful country and got the chance to experience the Cape Winelands, a game experience at Phinda Private Game Reserve and lots of sumptuous dishes along the way.

One of my favourite tweets from Neil during his stay had to be: “The team @ &Beyond's Phinda lodge, possibly the best place on earth”, he included the picture alongside of the team.

Big thanks for Neil to visiting our amazing country and immersing himself in everything we have to offer for those looking to get away and enjoy some time out!

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