02 August 2011 by Denise Slabbert

Manic about South African organic

A growing number of South Africans are moving to organic food and wine in a big way and are discovering not only the environmental benefits but the taste benefits, too. Because of this, it’s becoming much easier to make the organic choice in supermarkets and restaurants across the country.

Eating organic in South Africa is often about more than just the growing methods. Many local consumers are aware that organic is a holistic choice and is as much about what goes into producing food as it is about chemicals used during growing. Factors such as Fair Trade where producers are paid a fair price for their produce, Phyto Trade which aims to protect the natural plant resources in the countryside, and general social and economic upliftment in rural farming communities are also factored into buying decisions.

When you choose to eat an organic meal or sip a glass of organic wine, it can mean so much more than merely being something to delight your tastebuds. Often the food that you eat has been on a long journey and been touched by many caring hands before it reaches your plate.

In all, South Africa offers not only a delicious array of organic food and wine, but a real embodiment of the true spirit of organic.

There are some incredible choices around when it comes to product. Choose organic wines from Stellar and Bon Cap Wineries and shop up a storm at the various organic markets in and around South Africa including the Neighbourgoods Markets in both Cape Town and Johannesburg (they have a great range of organic products on offer).

The Wellness Warehouse and Dischem warehouses stock the large selection of organic products (both local and international) and there are some supeb organic/natural beauty product like Africology, Wild Olive andDermaNaturele to mention just a few.


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