28 September 2012 by Roy Barford

Maloof Money Cup 2012: The action returns to Kimberley

Believe it or not, peaceful Kimberley, best known for its diamond history, is the only destination outside the US to host the Maloof Money Cup skateboarding event.

Manny Santiago in action. Photo supplied by Peridot Communications

The 2012 Maloof Money Cup, the world's biggest skateboarding competition in terms of prize money, is taking place in Kimberly this weekend. World-class skaters such as Manny Santiago are set to dazzle spectators, while there will be plenty of festivities after dark as well.

On Saturday 29 September, the Street World Championship qualifiers and Mini-Mega (ramp skateboarding) final take place at the Maloof Skate Park. The action starts at 10am with the open street practice. 

Kimberley, a town rich in history, hosts some of the world’s best skaters. Photo courtesy <a href=\ Kimberley, a town rich in history, hosts some of the world’s best skaters. Photo courtesy Gerry Labrijn

From 1pm to 4pm, 36 skaters will take part in 12 separate jams in the Street World Championship semi-final. This will be followed by a concert, before the Mini-Mega final takes place. There will be 2 jams, with 6 vert skaters per jam. The awards ceremony will be held straight afterwards.

On Sunday 30 September, the South African Am Street event (freestyle street skateboarding) takes place between noon and 2pm, featuring 6 jams with 4 skaters per jam. 

Between 3pm and 4pm, invited skaters will compete in the Mini-Mega Gap Best Trick event.

The Street World Championship finals start at 4.30pm, with 12 skaters using the entire course to prove why they should take the title.

The opening ceremony and Vert World Championship (big-ramp skateboarding) took place on Friday afternoon, 28 September.

For any queries about the event, phone the organisers on +27 (0)53 832 5454, or follow @MaloofMoneyCup on Twitter.

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