30 May 2014 by Stuart Buchanan

Make your holiday snaps memorable with #TheToplessTour

When it comes to posing for your holiday snaps, what do you do? Do you follow the usual, ‘Say cheese’ and smile? Do you put up a couple of peace signs? Or do you turn around and pose topless?

Image courtesy of @the_topless_tour

The latest trend among tourists who post photos of their holidays on social networks sounds shocking, but in fact is a fun, light-hearted way of making your photo truly memorable. The trend was started by three young women living in the United Kingdom who say that it's about the 'opening of your bare chest and heart to the world'.

'Everyone is very proud of the message; our parents think it's really refreshing for young women to be embracing who they are and their love for their body. It is something we don't hear enough about these days,' Olivia Edginton told the Daily Mail.

Their Facebook page and Instagram account are called The Topless Tour and now receive thousands of likes and hundreds of submissions from around the world. The photos usually consist of one or more topless people facing away from the camera, looking out on to a beautiful landscape. In South Africa, there's certainly no shortage of that, as these two local contributions to #TheToplessTour illustrate:

This is the view (above) of Camps Bay from Lion's Head – a great Cape Town hike with rewarding views at the top. And below, the peak of Monk's Cowl in the central Drakensberg, a stunning range of mountains in KwaZulu-Natal.

'It is so humbling to know that we are in some way responsible,' said The Topless Tour's Lydia Buckler. 'We are very excited about its future as it has so much potential and we can't wait to see what is in store.'

For tourists visiting South Africa, use discretion when choosing where to bare all – only a few spots like Sandy Bay, among Cape Town's beaches, or the Eastern Cape's Striptease Trail, are publicly acceptable spots.

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