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Love South Africa: Photos by Andrew Harvard

We showcase one of the many talented photographers contributing to the Love South Africa Flickr group.

Shipwrecked. Photo courtesy of Andrew Harvard

We have a Love South Africa Flickr group where many talented photographers share incredible photos of our beautiful country which is why we have decided to showcase their work here.

Andrew Harvard is a Durban-based photographer who recently started posting to the group. His photos tend to be lovely scenic seascapes (many of which are sunrise or sunset photos) and most of them include some poetry, lyrics to a song or a quote. 

Harvard says: 'Photography and post-processing is my meditation of choice. I go into a mild trance of sorts when shooting and later when processing on the computer...[A]lthough meditating at 5am isn’t right for me it is a perfect time for sunrise photography, for relaxation and creativity.'

Winkelspruit, where the photo below was taken, is a small seaside area on KwaZulu-Natal's South Coast. 

There are a few stories about how this seaside town received its name and the most popular is that it was named after sailors who set up shop to sell damaged goods from a ship that was wrecked in the area (winkel means 'shop' in Afrikaans). 

'Winklespruit is protected by shark nets and watched over by professional lifeguards,' says Sibusiso Mngoma, senior tourism officer for the Tourism Unit at the eThekwini Municipality.

Never say never. Photo courtesy of <a href= Never say never. Photo courtesy of Andrew Harvard

The next image was also taken in Winkelspruit, south of the tidal pool. Harvard titles this 'Believe the impossible' and says that it made him think of Lewis Caroll's Alice in Wonderland. 

In the caption for this photo, Harvard worried he was being heavy-handed with the editing and making the photo seem less 'real'.

He writes: 'I carried on regardless because I really liked what I was seeing. I just love creating, painting and making my art. It calms me right down and takes me into a zone. I like looking at what others do with their creativity – painting stars in skies, adding hot air balloons with fluffy clouds, joining tree branches to human arms in a seamless composition. I’m going to conveniently leave out the part about how I broke the sky, the pixels started screaming at me and I sweated like crazy! Hence, the now oil painted sky that doesn't match the ground.'

Believe the impossible. Photo courtesy of <a href= Believe the impossible. Photo courtesy of Andrew Harvard

Ramsgate is also on KwaZulu-Natal's South Coast and is where this picture was taken. 'I left home at around 3am, drove for nearly two hours, scouted three locations in the dark, got a few night shots, shot the sunrise and was in time for my early morning business meeting,' he says.

Channel rocks. Photo courtesy of <a href= Channel rocks. Photo courtesy of Andrew Harvard

Margate, also on the South Coast, is a popular local beach holiday location. Being a coastal area, you can find water activities in abundance, from surfing to scuba diving. The Margate Country Club also offers golf and is open to non-members.

Margate memories. Photo courtesy of <a href= Margate memories. Photo courtesy of Andrew Harvard

Moyo is a restaurant chain offering African cuisine. The photo below was taken underneath the pier where the uShaka Pier Moyo is housed. It is a fantastic place to enjoy a delicious local meal, get your face painted in traditional makeup while enjoying African entertainment and magnificent views of the Durban shoreline. 

A must-see in the area is uShaka Marine World, an activity centre for the whole family. There is a theme park, opportunities to interact with marine animals like sharks and dolphins and a massive aquarium. If you love marine animals, you will be glad you visited this entertainment hub.

Under the Moyo. Photo courtesy of <a href= Under the Moyo. Photo courtesy of Andrew Harvard

The Bluff in Durban is where Harvard captured this photo. Like most beaches in South Africa, watching the sunrise at Bluff beach can be quite spectacular. Also there is the Bluff Nature Reserve, a small reserve that has walking trails and two hides from which birders can view and photograph the birdlife.

Crashed out. Photo courtesy of <a href= Crashed out. Photo courtesy of Andrew Harvard

The Beverly Hills Hotel in Umhlanga is a prestigious South African hotel and a recipient of a TripAdvisor certificate of excellence for 2014. The hotel offers a number of activities including a fitness centre, and three dining options (two restaurants and one bar). It was while staying here that Harvard captured the photo below in Umhlanga.

Born to be wild. Photo courtesy of <a href= Born to be wild. Photo courtesy of Andrew Harvard

Enjoy more brilliant photos of South Africa through the eyes of both local and international photographers in our Love South Africa Flickr group. We love seeing South Africa through your lens. Whether you are a professional, amateur, or social photographer we'd love to see your photos.

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