29 November 2010 by Chris Marais

Little Grey Men in the Karoo

No, we’re not talking accountants, here. We’re talking about extra-terrestrial life. Aliens.

Back in 1975, a Loxton farmer actually saw four aliens in a ‘funny caravan’ and reported that they were ‘a bit on the small side’.

Which sounds very similar to a UFO story my wife Jules picked up on her Web travels:

“In 1961, a Wisconsin chicken farmer saw a UFO land in his yard. Two figures emerged (the farmer testified that they ‘looked like Italians’) and they proceeded to make pancakes. Then they disappeared. The pancakes were sent off for analysis. They contained the usual mix of flour, milk and eggs - but there was proof that the pancakes were slightly burnt.”

Then there’s Henk Swanepoel of Smithfield, the man who caused a national uproar some years back by announcing there was to be sheep-tossing at the annual Smithfield winter festival. He was a tad slow in adding, however, that said sheep was going to be a stuffed one. But he had the animal rightists going for a while.

Now he runs a UFO Research Centre out of Smithfield. He has a three-computer setup: one is listening to the storms raging on Jupiter, one is listening to the sun, and the other is listening to the background hiss of the Universe.

His motivation: “Well, if you do find something major, it will have a profound effect on the world. And if we don’t find any life outside Earth, it’s actually just as profound. It shows just how special we are.”

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