17 August 2010 by Kate Turkington

Listen to the stars sing…

In South Africa you will see stars like you’ve never seen before, especially if you come from a city. Take time at night to sit, stand or walk under our stars: they have a brilliance and clarity that is awesome.

The Milky Way cuts a wide-spangled swathe across the sky as the constellations of the Southern Hemisphere pulsate and glow. If you’re on safari, ask your guide to point out some of the best-loved and well-known constellations: Orion’s Belt; the Pleiades or Seven Sisters; the Southern Cross; Scorpio.

There are several Bushmen myths about the stars. The first time I was in the Kalahari Desert an old shaman told me that each star is the soul of someone who has died. Look up and see if you can find your loved ones. The Bushmen of the Kalahari also say that if you sit out under the stars and listen, you will hear them sing.

Have you ever heard the stars sing?

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