14 March 2016 by Warren Raaff

Letting loose in Cape Town

If you’re looking for adventure then Cape Town is the perfect destination. This is starkly evident in this strikingly energetic video entitled “LETTING LOOSE: LIFE IN CAPE TOWN”.

As the video's creator puts it, "Cape Town has a bit of everything on it's doorstep, from the mountains to the sea and everything in between".

In this video you'll see what adventures await you in and around Cape Town. This city's natural beauty is unsurpassed and provides the perfect spot for thrill seekers and even those just looking to find their centre in sunny South Africa. 


This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our beautiful Mother City. There’s actually a lot more to her like her beaches, her coffee, her seas, her gardens, her waterfront and of course her wines. Here’s our handy guide to traveling in Cape Town

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