26 July 2014 by Christine Marot

Learn to cook in Durban

If you have cash in hand and a couple of hours to spare, here’s a novel way to spend them. Round up a couple of friends and sign up for a fun-filled cookery lesson in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

Learning to cook can be a fun, interactive experience. Photo courtesy of Gecko Culinary Adventures

You won’t have a better opportunity to release your inner MasterChef than by honing your culinary skills at one of Durban’s cooking schools.

From the basics to gourmet-style, fusion food and international cuisine, there’s place at the table for everyone. If you’re hooked after your first lesson, move on to one of many inspirational, in-depth courses.

Gecko Culinary Adventures is all about mastering easy gourmet cooking in a fun, interactive environment. Tailored courses such as Confident Cooks allow aspiring chefs to focus on elements of special interest to them.

By adopting Gecko’s fast and fresh approach to cooking, gourmet cuisine is within everyone’s reach. A barnyard-style kitchen overlooking Durban adds to the enjoyment of each class. Learn basic and creative cooking, international cuisine, sushi making and Weber meals, to name a few.

No pressure in this kitchen. Image courtesy of <a href= No pressure in this kitchen. Image courtesy of Gecko Culinary Adventures

Globally inspired cuisine, mezze and tapas, puddings, pastries, basic sauces and more can be found on the training menu at Fusion Cooking School.

There’s a focus on vegetables, with meat and fish playing a complementary role to produce healthy cookery at its best.

Fusion food is low in fat, high in fibre, vitamin-rich, enzyme-abundant and non-refined. Each three-hour evening session ends up with five to seven completed dishes.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced cookery courses at Meryl’s School of Cooking equip individuals with basic cooking knowledge for easy meal preparation to suit busy lifestyles.

A light-hearted approach to morning and evening cooking courses, teamed with delicious menus, makes for a fun experience. Team-building workshops, domestic workers’ courses and safety-orientated classes are also offered.

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