09 August 2011 by Robyn Campbell

Ladies choose real wines for real life

Leave it to a bunch of girls to turn traditional wine categorisation on its head and to come up with a list of wines to reach for whatever situation life throws at you.

The first of its kind, 100 Women / 100 Wines competition held recently in Cape Town was a fun-but-serious wine tasting to determine the top 100 wines in the country as favoured and recommended by women.

Wines for the competition were selected based on the criterion of countrywide availability and price segmentation (< R40, R40-80, > R80). Thereafter, a panel of 30 women from the industry narrowed down a selection of 200 wines to 150.

Fifty sets of girlfriends were then tasked with sampling the wines and voting for those that they thought best-fit the 10 real-life scenarios:

1. Braai drinking: sunny day, outdoor, easy drinking to go with braai cuisine
2. The in-laws are coming: something to impress
3. The big date - romance is in the air: wine to compliment the moment
4. Long lunch: girlfriends, gossip and a long lunch
5. Mid-week easy drinking: turn on the TV and kick off those shoes, honey
6. Posh Present: impress and show your true feelings with a posh bottle
7. Kiss and make up: soothe frayed nerves and be friends again
8. Baby it’s cold outside: snuggle indoors with a winter warmer
9. Girls Night Out: fun, light hearted, a party
10. Bubbly: bubbles for a special occasion

Domestic catastrophes were left off the list to avoid making the lady tipplers seem like Desperate Housewives. Who hasn’t been tempted to reach for the bottle (bottles) when the heel on your shoe breaks, a pressure cooker full of beetroot explodes, and multiple household appliances go on strike at the same time!

As Bette Davis said There comes a time in every woman’s life when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne.’ Along with 100 other women, I’ll drink to that!

You can check out the list of BGF (Best Girl Friend)  100_Women_100_Wines_2011_Winners here. What’s your go-to wine when it all goes wrong, or right?

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