08 December 2010 by Denise Slabbert

Kid's Spas…

Spa therapies for kids? Hmmm. My first reaction was ‘that’s not fair’ - where do us mums go to hide for an hour of peace and pampering? Dad’s got the golf course, for us the spa is the last sanctuary where the pitter patter of little feet is replaced by floating dolphin sounds and whale cries and the only conversation (if there must be conversation) is mums and therapists swapping beauty tips… Then, my sister told me that as a treat she was going to the local spa with her daughter as part of a mother-daughter bonding exercise. They had a wonderful time, both came back with beautifully manicured nails and a soft glow not entirely inspired by a good massage (although that did help) but by time spent together. On investigating the matter further I discovered that in South Africa there are a number of spas that accommodate children and teenagers - in an attempt to give some insight into health and wellbeing. It’s mostly young girls who are interested, the boys not so much for obvious reasons. While places like the Librisa Spa in Cape Town and Vygenhoek Organic Spa in Dullstroom accommodate kids, I am still more than happy to leave my squeaky toddlers at home and head for the peace and sanity of my local spa.

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