30 October 2010 by Kate Turkington

Kate's South African Bucket List

I’m lucky enough, like Shakespeare’s Puck, to have girdled the world, but I still have a rather whimsical bucket list of places that I haven’t yet got to in South Africa.

Pofadder is one. What is it about the name Pofadder that makes people grin and snigger? I’m sure it’s a perfectly respectable town with ordinary folk going about their daily business, with schools, hospitals and a library, and even traffic lights. It must be the name. Visons of the movie Deliverance and Ma and Pa Kettle spring to mind when Pofadder is mentioned. And I wonder, do they have puff adders in Pofadder?

I’m determined to go to Pella in the Northern Cape. It started out as a mission station in 1814 as a sanctuary for the San/Bushmen driven out of Namibia and has an amazing unique cathedral which took two Catholic priests 7 years to complete using an encyclopaedia as their building manual.

Then there’s the Richersveld, also in the Northern Cape where ‘malmokkies’ - early morning fogs - sweep into the harsh desert landscape from the cold Atlantic Ocean. I’ll find some of the richest desert flora in the world amid dramatic landscapes of rugged mountains and gnarled quiver trees.

I’m almost ashamed to tell you that I’ve never been to the massive granite Voortrekker Monument (for some reason this is beloved of our Chinese visitors) which broods high on a hill above Pretoria. It was built to commemorate the courage, determination and perseverance of the early Voortrekkers who fled the British and the Cape between 1835-54.

And I only live 15 km away…

What’s on your South African bucket list?

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