22 August 2011 by Kate Turkington

Jump to it!

So you know all about bungy jumping from a bridge. May well have read about (or even done) the Bloukrans Bungy in the Cape - according to the Guinness World Records the highest bungy jump from a bridge in the world.

But have you ever thought about jumping off 2 cooling towers 100m above the ground in the middle of a bustling city? No? Well if you fancy the idea, take yourself off to the Orlando Towers - colourful Soweto landmarks that stand the equivalent of 33 storeys.

Once there, with your nerves well in control, you’ll be strapped into a strong harness, carried up in an open-air lift to the concave west tower and to a platform 3m from the top.

But there’s still further to go. Climb up a floating stairway (don’t look down) to the top of the tower and the jump deck. Before you throw yourself off, stop to admire the view of the famous township of Soweto, home of many Apartheid Struggle heroes and iconic places.

Wait for the command from the jump master, and then…jump. You’ll hurtle 110m down between the two towers.

In summer, you get glorious sunset views from the jump platform. But at any time of year a well-deserved sundowner drink after your amazing leap is mandatory (and very necessary).


Category: Adventure

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