08 July 2014 by Daphney Mngomeni

Jackson Hlungwani’s artworks live on

Visit the University of Johannesburg Art Gallery to experience the mystical sculptures created by the late Jackson Hlungwani.

Image courtesy of African Art Agenda

The late Jackson Hlungwani has been described as legendary and is recognised across the world for his artistic sculptures.

Hlungwani – one of Africa’s most celebrated sculptors – was known not only for his thought-provoking artwork but also for his reputation as a visionary and preacher at the Jerusalem One Christ, a sect he formed under the Zionist tradition.

His work was inspired by elements of the Tsonga culture and Christianity, linking art and spirituality in unique ways.

Since 1995, an entire room at the Johannesburg Art Gallery has been dedicated to his work, while his sculptures are housed in galleries across the globe, including: the South African National Gallery and Irma Stern Museum in Cape Town, the Tatham Art Gallery in Pietermaritzburg, and galleries in the United States, Japan and Europe.

A New Jerusalem, the last of his exhibitions, is currently being showcased at the University of Johannesburg Art Gallery.

The title of the exhibition is taken from his first work titled <em>New Jerusalem</em>. Image courtesy of <a href= The title of the exhibition is taken from his first work titled New Jerusalem. Image courtesy of African Art Agenda

The exhibition gives a contemplative overview of artistic wooden sculptures of animals and his version of Christ and God; New Jerusalem, a hilltop sanctuary embellished with some of his figurative sculptures; and his philosophy.

When: It is on until 16 July 2014
Where: University of Johannesburg Art Gallery, Kingsway Campus, Auckland Park
Cost: Free
Contact: Bridget Mawelewele on +27 (0)11 559 4674 or bmmawelewele@live.com

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