14 June 2011 by Robyn Campbell

If the shoe fits…eat it!

The Klein Karoo town of Oudtshoorn is famous for its ostriches, its caves, its sweet wines, and the mildly berserker (but perfectly safe) pastime of offering visitors a chance to cage dive with crocodiles. Notoriously hot in summer, Oudsthoorn’s not a place one would typically expect to find a top-end European boutique chocolaterie.

Enter, Marita Lamprecht, a South African-born, Belgian trained artisan chocolatier, with her shop La Chocolaterie Rococo. Not for nothing is Marita known as the Praline Queen.

Just ask the scores of port lovers who’ve tasted her sweet art at the Calitzdorp Port Festival, the Klein Karoo Kunste (National Arts) Festival, and the George Cheese Festival, where her innovative cheese-chocolate truffles made with Gorgonzola and 70% cocoa to match a Vintage Reserve Port wine, and a lavender truffle to compliment a Muscat port which has distinct flower notes, knocked festival-goers socks off. Marita’s now famous blue cheese truffles are made to order, as they cannot be stored for longer than 1 month. (As if they’d last a week!)

Marita’s flair with chocolate is evident in her seasonal ranges. In Spring nibble on lighter floral pralines, in Summer, celebrate with fruity notes, in Autumn indulge in pralines laden with nuts and caramels, and in Winter, warm your palate with port and espresso infused chocolate bliss.

And the artistry doesn’t end there. Marita’s launched a range of edible chocolate shoes that will have all you chocolate-loving Cindarellas out there tossing your glass slippers out the coach window in your hurry to hot-foot it to La Chocolaterie and fill her pure chocolate ROCOCO stilettos with irresistible chocolates. If you’ve a Lady Gaga-like shoe fetish, Marita can create custom footwear too.

But, suggests Marita cheekily, why stop there? ‘Imagine newlyweds in a bubble bath, pouring sparkling wine in the shoe, taking turns to each have a sip, and…’ Just use your imagination…

Wine, chocolate, and shoes. What more could a girl want? Except to own (and eat) several hundred pairs.

La Chocolaterie Rococo
Tel: +27 (0)44 272 5991
Mobile: +27 (0)84-232-5991
Email: chocolat@polka.co.za

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