29 May 2013 by Denise Slabbert

Cake-themed trailers a treat at Old Mac Daddy

Cape Town’s Charly’s Bakery has teamed up with the Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer Park in Elgin to create accommodation that is good enough to, well ... eat.

Cake-inspired trailer, compliments of Charly's Bakery and Old Mac Daddy

When two irreverent brands get together there is magic to be made. A perfect example of inspired collaboration is the recent partnership between the team at Charly's Bakery and the owners of the Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer Park in Elgin in the Western Cape.

The Love Cake trailers – quirky in the extreme

Jody Aufrichtig, the owner of the Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer park, needed to revamp two of its Airstream trailers and decided to call on the goddesses of local cake-making, Charly's Bakery in Cape Town, for creative inspiration. Jacqui Biess and her daughters (sometimes referred to as Charly's Cake Angels due to the TV show of the same name) were enthralled by the challenge.

'We pounced on the opportunity. After all, what is cake decorating but design-by-sugar?' she says.

We pounced on the opportunity. After all, what is cake decorating but design-by-sugar.

The result is the gorgeous set-up of a mama trailer and a baby trailer – side by side telling a sweet story 'about the inner world of cake', according to Biess. The two lakeside trailers now make up the only double unit in the Old Mac rooming options and have been aptly named Love Cake? ... I Do!, and Love Cake? ... Me too!

Pink is the language of love

Love Cake? ... I Do is a 'fusion of steampunk and sugar', according to Biess – tributes to cake and the fine art of baking are everywhere, from the printer's tray table housing vintage cake collectables to barometer wall clocks to curtains with liquorice trimmings made out of recycled rubber. Weddings are a theme while colourful fabrics adorn the interior. Oversized beds allow the opportunity to lie back and take in all the creative, sweet goodness of this spectacular trailer.

And the Love Cake? ... Me Too trailer takes one even further on the journey that is the cake box

'We are delighted with the end result,' says Aufrichtig. 'Our most popular trailers are always the ones that tell stories, share secrets and make people smile; these new trailers do just that.'

The cake-themed Airstream trailers are ideal for parents with children or for couples travelling in tandem (and are also ideal accommodation for those who will always be children at heart).

All images supplied by Old Mac Daddy. Photographer: Gareth Hubbard

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