05 July 2011 by Kate Turkington

Go on a Wild Dog Chase

The highly endangered African wild dog (lycaon pictus) - the painted wolf - is one of the animals most sought-after by safari goers, and I’m constantly being asked where the best place is to see them.

Hmm. There are still over 300 in the Kruger National Park, but the park is the size of Wales, so you’ve got to be very lucky to come across one of the resident packs. You might get lucky in the vicinity of Skukuza or Berg-en-Dal, but then again, you might not.

However, your chances of seeing wild dogs become increasingly higher if you take yourself off to Madikwe, the private game reserve in the North West province.

I’ve visited Madikwe on several occasions and have always seen the dogs, no matter the camp I was staying.

They’re busy, busy animals. You rarely find them hanging around napping. They always seem to be on a mission, trotting along purposefully, playing with each other or ruthlessly hunting down a potential kill.

So don’t go on a Wild Goose Chase, but a successful Wild Dog Chase. You’ll be thrilled you did.

Category: Adventure

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