15 August 2011 by Kate Turkington

Get wet - go rafting!

Kallie Zwahlen, owner of Outrageous Adventures, reckons he offers the best and safest white water rafting in South Africa.

Whether it’s on the Vaal river near Parys, the Ash river near Clarens, or on some of KwaZulu-Natal’s rivers, expect thrills. In KwaZulu-Natal you’ve a choice of the mighty Tugela river or the Mkomazi, but as he says, there are also some lesser known rivers such as the Bivane river, near the Ithala Game Reserve with stunning scenery.

All you need for any of Kallie’s trips is a sense of adventure - he himself comes on the water with you and shares in the excitement and fun.

You’ll be in a 2-person inflatable raft - a ‘croc’ - or if there’s enough water, in the big 6-person rafts. However, there’s always enough water on the Ash river because it stays high all year round.

Choose a 1-day kayak or raft outing, or spend a few nights on a river expedition. Whatever you decide, as Kallie says, expect outrageous adventures when you go rafting.


Category: Adventure

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