18 August 2014 by Daphney Mngomeni

Franschhoek's Bacon Pop-Up Bar is coming to Joburg

Pop-up restaurants are all the craze around South Africa and have proven to be a great alternative to traditional dining in mainstream restaurants.

The Bacon Pop-up Bar's butternut soup – one can never have enough bacon

As the name suggests, these restaurants usually pop up in unlikely locations, ranging from rooftops and abandoned warehouses to river banks and the middle of farm fields, and the location is sometimes a mystery to all those attending until the very last moment.

Interesting decor Interesting decor

Pop-up restaurants are also a great way for young professionals in the hospitality industry to hone their skills, as well as explore ideas that are otherwise seen as unusual and unconventional in traditional restaurants.

These restaurants are popular for many reasons: they offer unique dining experiences, and the chance for like-minded strangers to meet and share stories and great food in amazing environments.

One of the latest pop-up restaurants to, well, pop up is The Bacon Pop-Up Bar in Franschhoek.

The Bacon Pop-Up Bar, proudly brought to you by the Bacon of the Month Club, serves streaky, crispy and even candied versions of porky rashers.

The Bacon of the Month Club and The Bacon Pop-Up Bar are both the brainchild of Nikki Friedman, who not only came up with these amazing ideas to appease bacon-lovers’ cravings, but is also the MD of the Môreson wine farm – where the delicious rashers are cured.

The aim of the Bacon of the Month Club and the Bacon Pop-up Bar is to treat South Africans to amazing, carefully selected and well-cured bacon of varying flavours.

The Bacon Pop-Up Bar's quirky decor includes flying pigs, piglets hatching from golden eggs and origami pigs adorning the window The Bacon Pop-Up Bar's quirky decor includes flying pigs, piglets hatching from golden eggs and origami pigs adorning the window

Chef Bianca Davies and the Bacon of the Month Club team are the masterminds behind the bacon flavours and recipes that have in the past included green bacon, Asian bacon, maple bacon and a firm favourite, Chardonnay and vanilla bacon.

And if you thought the goodness of bacon couldn’t get any better, guess what … it can! The Bacon Pop-up Bar also serves scrumptious desserts and sweet treats, all with bacon. These delights include bacon and banana cookies, baked cheesecake with candied bacon toppings, and even bacon brownies.

All images courtesy of <a href= All images courtesy of Bacon of the Month Club

The pop-up bar, which is currently situated in Franschhoek, has plans to move pretty soon, as is the nature of pop-up bars and restaurants, and bacon-loving Joburgers will be happy to know that The Bacon Pop-Up Bar will make its debut in Bryanston, Johannesburg, in the near future.

The Bacon Pop-up Bar is open weekly from Wednesday to Sunday and is even available for booking for events.

Where: 16 Huguenot Road, Franschhoek
Contact: +27 (0)21 876 8443 or email b@baconofthemonth.co.za

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