07 March 2014 by Denise Slabbert

Fourways Farmers' Market

For a great Sunday outing in Johannesburg, head to the Fourways Farmers’ Market – there’s good food, craft beer, creative cocktails, lots to buy, fun for the kids and live music ...

Live music at the Fourways Farmers' Market

Food markets are springing up all over the place, and not only offer a great opportunity to buy fresh, local produce, but are also a fun space to socialise while feasting on a range of delectable (mostly organic) goods.

The Fourways Farmers' Market is a great find, and perfect for a Sunday outing.

Sweet treats on offer Sweet treats on offer

Situated opposite the Montecasino entertainment complex, the Fourways' Farmers Market forms part of the Earth Outdoor Living Nursery. The venue is spacious and surrounded by trees and plants (as you would expect at a nursery), with stalls situated near wooden chairs and tables where visitors can relax and eat or drink. Or pull up a picnic blanket on the grass as you listen to the soulful live music.

The stalls offer a huge variety of delicious organic/local/seasonal produce, and it might be a good idea to walk around first before deciding on what you'd like to eat (and what you want to take home with you).

Start at the organic and fair-trade coffee and tea selection, grab a rusk or biscotti, and walk around surveying the foodie heaven that awaits. There is an organic free-range egg stand where scrambled eggs and omelettes are prepared; you can opt for a fresh fruit salad with organic yoghurt; or try the organic Cape cheese on artisanal breads and rolls (still warm).

You may want to forego the ‘good’ stuff and head straight to the Belgian waffle stand.

If you're not into coffee, then start the morning with a freshly made smoothie (complete with 'superfood' ingredients) to put some serious zing into your step. However, you may want to forego the 'good' stuff and head straight to the Belgian waffle and Dutch poffertje (mini-pancakes) stand.

If you arrive closer to lunch (the market is open until 2pm), there's an impressive choice of options – the Balkan burger stand is very popular, as are the Thai curry stand and the Mexican stand, while the Italian antipasti includes fresh sundried tomatoes, soft buffalo mozzarella, crisp brinjals on portly ciabatta, and more.

There are also deli meats, quiches and pies, as well as Indian dishes (if you like life on the spicy side, the Mauritian stand offers a variety to feast on). And for good old South African fare, you can try the gourmet boerewors roll stand.

A popular chicken takeaway A popular chicken takeaway

For those with a sweet tooth there are decadent cupcakes, delicious tarts, sweet treats, artisanal gourmet fudge, milkshakes, home-made ice cream and frozen yoghurt. There are also various non-alcoholic drinks (think home-made lemonade and ginger beer, and healthy drinks like carrot juice with fresh ginger), as well as craft beer and cider on tap, with wine by the glass.

And to take home with you, you can choose from fresh herbs, olives, fresh coconut products, homemade jams and preserves, lavender soaps and bath salts, botanical prints, items for the home, and even treats for your pets.

Of course, you can also go plant shopping at the lower end of the market, where the nursery has a wide selection of plants on offer

The vibe at the Fourways Farmers' Market is very laid-back, and because of how the market is organised it never feels too crowded or noisy. It is, in fact, the perfect, lazy and food-filled Sunday sojourn. And yes, the diet can start on Monday.

  • The Fourways Farmers' Market is open on Sundays, from 9am to 2pm.
Cocktails table. All images by Ryan James Cocktails table. All images by Ryan James

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