24 April 2017

Find "your" freedom in South Africa

It’s Freedom Day on the 27th of April, the day where we all celebrate the birth of the New South Africa! Enjoy the freedom to travel, explore and immerse yourself in different cultures - here are some ways we think South Africa lets YOU feel free!

The freedom to explore

Are you someone who likes to take the road less travelled? Well, we suggest a trip to South Africa! Come embrace your freedom to explore while:

Visiting a cultural village for the first time - immerse yourself and enjoy traditional South African song, dance and food.

Or, hiking, horse riding and camping in the majestic Drakensberg of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

The freedom to adventure

Are you an adventurer at heart? Do you crave the excitement of discovering what lies around that next corner? If that’s you, then maybe you’ll find freedom:

While gliding through the trees on a canopy tour, so many of South Africa's provinces offer this exhilarating activity.

During a trip down the Orange River. Gather some friends and sleep under the stars along the river for a few nights. Nothing will make you feel as free as facing your fears and conquering the fun rapids of the Orange River.

The freedom to relax

If we are truly free then we need to be at one with ourselves. The best way to do this is to find that special place that puts your mind at ease, we suggest a:

Road trip with a friend somewhere beautiful, different and far from the hustle and bustle. Why not visit during flower season in the Namaqua National Park?

Or, enjoy some of South Africa's best wines and cuisine at a vibrant market, or a fine-dining establishment.

The freedom to learn

It’s true that freedom comes with responsibility. When we are free, we have a duty to ourselves and those around us to learn and help build a better future for everyone. Do this and you may just find freedom:

While visiting iconic Robben Island, so well know for its history, legacy and role it plays in South Africa's turbulent past.

Or take a tour of Cape Town's vibrant and historic Bo-Kaap - from museums to cooking courses, you'll fall in love with this colourful part of Cape Town.

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