22 April 2013 by Denise Slabbert

Eating out in Pretoria

Pretoria is home to some fantastic restaurants and eateries, from the award-winning La Madeleine to mamma’s home-cooked pasta at Ritrovo. Here are some that are worth considering ...

Fine dining in the capital city

La Madeleine

La Madeleine in Lynwood Ridge has long been a recognised name on Pretoria’s fine-dining scene. Classic French and Belgian tastes dominate the food choices. There’s no written menu, but specials are detailed at your table by the chef.

Carlton Cafè

This small bistro in Menlo Park has become a neighbourhood favourite, serving breakfast, lunch and all-day fare. The menu successfully marries tastes you wouldn’t think compatible. It is allied to Delicious, a deli that sells confectionary and meals for take away.


Boer’Geoisie, another Menlo Park eatery, is strong on traditional South African fare. Expect potjies (stews cooked in a three-legged cast-iron pot) , stews and venison, and sides such as pap and samp. The surrounds are reminiscent of a platteland dorp (rural town), dolled up with some contemporary dashes.

Wing Hin

One of the best Asian restaurants in Pretoria, Wing Hin in Hazelwood does Chinese food and sushi. Seafood is a strong recommendation here, with the salt and pepper prawns a favourite.


Possibly the most stylish Pretoria restaurant, Kream is sophisticated in every way, from its cream-coloured decor, to its team of sharp waitrons, to its continental-inspired menu. It's located in an office block in Brooklyn. Gratinated rump, venison and calamari are just some of the specialities.

Ritrovo Ristorante

Waterkloof Heights’s Ritrovo Ristorante is one of the capital’s long-standing Italian classics. Recently renovated, the current menu reflects a return to traditional, unadulterated Italian. The owner is known to burst into operatic song from time to time.

Al-Amin Restaurant

The venue may be a bit austere, but the food in this Laudium-based restaurant, alongside a petrol station, is said to be the best Indian cuisine in Pretoria. The food is Halaal, so there’s no alcohol.

Then, head out of town for the delicious pleasures on offer at Restaurant Mosaic in Elandsfontein...

Restaurant Mosaic at The Orient

Many a critic has waxed extremely lyrical about Chantel Dartnall’s food at this family-run Elandsfontein hotel. Despite her wide-ranging travels to keep up with food trends, Dartnell remains true to her vision of contemporary-classical fine-dining cuisine. The eating experience here is based on dégustation tasting menus and la carte.


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