04 April 2011 by Denise Slabbert

Durban's Temple of Understanding

If you’re in Durban for the holidays and have an afternoon to spare - it’s a good idea to follow the path to enlightenment and visit the Sri Radhanath Hare Krishna Temple in Chatsworth. This temple is said to be the biggest in Africa and is a sight to behold with its spiritual architecture that mixes Eastern influences with a definitive African touch.

The decor is ornate in the extreme with images of exotic deities adorning the domed ceiling complimenting life-sized paintings of Lord Krishna… lamps and lanterns add an ethereal touch.

The Hare Krishnas are always a friendly bunch and are happy to show you around the temple and explain their way of life. After your tour, enjoy delicious vegetarian fare that is said to be both good for your body and your spirit.

A visit to the Temple of Understanding is good for the soul, and we guarantee that you’ll be back for more of the Krishna veggie meals.

For more information call: +27(0) 31 403 3328

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