03 September 2011 by Kate Turkington

Drive Sebastian Vettel Style

So you’ve a day to spare out of your busy vacation schedule and have always fancied yourself as a potential racing driver?

Now’s your chance. Head out to one of South Africa’s top tracks at Kyalami in Johannesburg, Zwartkops in Pretoria or Killarney in Cape Town - the only places in South Africa where you can learn to drive and handle a racing car.

First off you’ll get a comprehensive safety briefing, simulator training and some practice laps. Are you ready? Now it’s crunch time.

Fitted out with race suit, race boots, gloves and helmet you’ll squeeze behind the wheel of a supercharged Reynard single-seater race car. The Reynard cars were originally designed for US high-speed oval tracks and are known for their stability and speed.

Take a deep breath and then away you go on an 8-10 lap session. An experienced pit crew is standing by if you need support and assistance.

There’s even a champagne awards ceremony if you make the cut.


Category: Adventure

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