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Divine Durban

Durban, the largest city in KwaZulu-Natal, is a port city on the warm Indian Ocean. Among its numerous attractions are surfing, delicious Indo-African food and a world-famous marine theme park.

Durban's beaches are just one of the many attractions of this divine city. Photo courtesy xxdoomxx

The Love South Africa group on Flickr is constantly updated with fantastic images taken all over the country. Why not share your pictures, too?

Each week we select images from this group to share on our blog. This week, we are celebrating the warm, sub-tropical city of Durban, in KwaZulu-Natal.

Durban, or eThekwini, is a wonderful getaway. With its beautiful beaches and warm weather, enjoying sun, sand, and a dip in the warm Indian Ocean is a must on every visitor's itinerary.

Photo courtesy Adamina

Surfing is a favourite pastime among the locals, or Durbanites, as they're known in South Africa. Many competitions cater for all ages, from the Quicksilver Pro Junior and the Billabong Junior Series to the South African Surfing Championships.

Photo courtesy Niki van Velden

Another fantastic water experience is uShaka Marine World, where you can enjoy a range of rides at the theme park or hop across to Sea World to watch a dolphin show, and learn about penguin conservation. It is a fun-filled day for the whole family.

Photo courtesy mel de k, aka meeeeeeeeeel

The neo-Baroque Durban City Hall houses the city council's meeting chamber and is also home to the Natural Science Museum, the Durban Art Gallery, a public library and an auditorium.

Photo courtesy Julie Sarperi, aka CarnetsDeTraverse

The Moses Mabhida Stadium was built for the FIFA World Cup hosted by South Africa in 2010. The stadium is a multi-functional landmark with a SkyCar that allows you to enjoy an aerial view. From the top, you can see the SunCoast Casino and the promenade, as well as the Durban Country Club, to name but a few of the sights.

Photo courtesy Michael Jansen, aka brainstorm1984

While visiting Durban, take a ride on a rickshaw, or ricksha (pictured below), on the beachfront. The men who pull these carts are always dressed in colourful gear. After your ride, browse the street markets featuring local arts and crafts, among them traditional Zulu beads.

Photo courtesy Roseanne Phelan, aka Rosemovie

Durban is also known for its delicious curries, as a result of the large number of Indian South Africans who live here. Try the bunny chow, a uniquely Durban meal which consists of a hollowed-out, half-loaf of bread filled with spicy curry. But be sure you can handle the heat, because no-one makes a curry quite like they do in Durban.

Photo courtesy Randall Langenhoven, aka WITHIN the FRAME Photography

Street performers are a common sight in Durban. If you stop to enjoy any of these impromptu concerts, it is courteous to leave a tip.

Photo courtesy Proteus250245

Finally, your time in Durban would not be complete without one or two nights out. You can choose to party the night away at a local club or pub, or enjoy a delicious dinner at a restaurant on the beachfront.

Photo courtesy Chris Bloom

By day or by night, Durban has activities for the whole family that will leave you with fond memories. Jeremy Clarkson of BBC's Top Gear tweeted 'I love Durban' when he visited the city for the Top Gear Festival. And his tweeted praise for Durban did not end there.

Come to Durban, and experience it for yourself.

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