29 August 2013 by Lethabo-Thabo Royds

Delightful Durban

The cityscapes in Durban only hint at the wealth of experiences, beauty and history in KwaZulu-Natal’s largest city.

Take a stroll past the shops in the Durban city centre. It's a colourful walk and is often filled with delicious, spicy aromas from nearby restaurants. Photo courtesy of Chris Bloom

The Love South Africa group on Flickr is constantly updated with fantastic images taken all over the country. Why not share your pictures, too?

Each week we choose images from this group to share on our blog. This week we are celebrating some of the delightful cityscapes in Durban. 

The story goes that when explorer Vasco da Gama arrived here during Christmas in 1497, he originally thought the harbour was the mouth of a river, so he called it 'Rio de Natal', meaning Christmas River in his native Portuguese. 

This name was later changed to Port Natal by the British, and then, in 1835, it became Durban after Sir Benjamin D'urban, then governor of the Cape Colony. Today, you're more likely to hear people calling this laid-back city 'Durbs'.

Durban's promenade is a popular location for people-watching, jogging or for taking a stroll while you enjoy a tasty ice cream from a mobile vendor. Be sure to look out to sea as you may even spot a dolphin or two in the waves.

Photo courtesy of Randall Langenhoven, aka WITHIN the FRAME Photography

The beach is a great location for a day trip for the whole family. You can play fun games like volleyball, and create some beautiful memories. 

Photo courtesy of Mel d k, aka meeeeeeeeeel

If you're strolling along the beach, you might come across some people making sand sculptures, like these detailed and intricate designs by local artists.

Photo courtesy of Roseanne Phelan, aka Rosemovie

Durban has loads of entertainment for children. Visit uShaka Marine World or take a trip to the massive Gateway Mall, which provides child-focused entertainment that is also fun for the whole family.

Photo courtesy of Nirun Dowlath Shah, aka Nirun Dowlath

We love this photo of old surfers because it speaks to the surfing culture that is integral to Durban. The story goes that some business folk even keep a surfboard in their car so that they can catch a few waves in their lunch break.

Photo courtesy of Yvonne Van Dalen, aka Yvonne V

One of the most rewarding ways to enjoy a city is to spend some time watching the passing parade while sitting back and taking it all in, and Andre, the homeless man in this photograph, was doing just that. He graciously agreed to pose for a photograph.

Photo courtesy of Seraz Abrahams

If you're visiting Durban, don't hesitate to ask your hosts where to go. There are many hidden treasures in Durban and the cityscapes in this port city only hint at the variety of colour, cuisine, architecture, people and experiences that you can enjoy.

Photo courtesy of Kate Els

Dive into the delightful city of Durban and you may find that you'll never want to leave.

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