29 August 2011 by Kate Turkington

Defying the Dark

This isn’t an adventure where you’ll jump or swing, go hurtling down a river or clambering up a cliff. But it’s an adventure that will change your life and over 7 million people worldwide will testify to that.

Prepare to be taken outside your comfort zone, face previously unknown challenges, be in a totally new - some say frightening - environment.

It’s Dialogue in the Dark, an exhibition - more an encounter or experience than exhibition - which is running at Sci-Bono Discovery Centre, Newtown, Johannesburg, until the end of October.

You’ll be plunged into pitch darkness and, armed only with a cane and a blind guide, you will be taken through a variety of landscapes and experiences with only your 4 other senses to help you navigate.

Dialogue in the Dark has already been presented in over 30 countries and more than 160 sites since it first opened in 1988. As in Johannesburg, it opened in New York in August, 2011, to rave reviews and maximum attendance. 

The Visitors’ Book is packed with comments such as ‘truly awesome’, ‘humbling’, ‘amazing’, but the comment that is made most often worldwide is ‘life-changing’.

Go and discover how your own life changes - I promise you it will.

www. dialogueinthedarksa.blogspot.com

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