21 November 2012 by Ems Tsotetsi

Cruising on the Knysna Lagoon

The stunning town of Knysna features lush forests, picturesque settings, and the Knysna Lagoon ... which is perfect for an afternoon sundowner cruise.

A yacht on the Knysna Lagoon. Image courtesy of the Featherbed Company

We went to Knysna recently, and I had forgotten how absolutely beautiful the town is (I hadn’t been there in more than seven years). If you’re not mesmerised by the scenery, there's always something else to catch your attention, from luxury yachts and boats to the smell of fresh seafood. This picturesque town is situated along the Garden Route in the Western Cape.

Cruising on the Knysna Lagoon is a popular activity. Most cruises pass through the famous Knysna Heads, weather permitting. The Knysna Heads flank the channel through which the sea enters the lagoon at the mouth of the Knysna River.

We took an afternoon sundowner cruise on the lagoon, which was lined with sailing boats and yachts. We spotted the famous Paddle Cruiser and encountered a seal named Nelson (apparently a resident of the lagoon), who was more than happy to see us. He wasn't the shy type – I guess he’s used to seeing countless visitors flock to the lagoon daily. Our skipper was very informative and made our cruise fun and entertaining.

And the cruise was amazing – watching the sunset and sipping some bubbly is a great way to end the day.

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Getting ready for the afternoon cruise


The seal named Nelson, apparently a resident of the lagoon


One of the cliffs that form part of the Knysna Heads


Passing through the Knysna Heads


Enjoying the sunset after passing through the Heads


A view of the Knysna Heads


The famous Paddle Cruiser


Some of the many yachts and boats on the lagoon

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