24 November 2010 by Dianne Tipping-Woods

Cortina cool

It was Sunday afternoon. It was hot. My expectations were low. I knew the beer would be cold, so I figured, “why not?” when a friend suggested I join them at the Stone Lion in Hatfield Pretoria to watch Cortina Whiplash perform.

Now it’s Tuesday afternoon. It’s still hot. And I’m still having problems with expectations, just not the way you’d think.

You see, I was totally impressed.

Cortina Whiplash are good. Better than good. They are really, really good. And very cool.

That’s my problem. They are so good and so cool that I’m worried that whatever I write about them will sound lame, clichéd and well, not cool at all.

In the last hour or two I have googled them. I listened to their CD. I’ve even researched Ford Cortinas.

Then I messaged my partner.

“Gimme some thoughts on Cortina Whiplash?”

“What kind of thoughts?”

“Thoughts I can steal so I sound cool”

He didn’t reply, forcing me to share my opinion and mine alone. Preliminary impressions include:

1)  They’re good musicians
2)  They’re awesome performers
3)  They sound better than anything I’ve heard recently in SA
4)  Their lyrics are feisty and intelligent
5)  Their songs are well-crafted.
6)  Their debut CD, Queen Hyena, gets better every time I hear it.
7)  Their songs worked just as well in the acoustic renditions I heard
8)  They drink tequila
9)  They don’t try too hard
10) They’re serious about this band thing.

I’ve decided to leave it at this for now, with a link to the Cortina Whiplash website. You go listen.

I’m going to set up an interview with them sometime of course. But first I’m going to up my cool quotient. Just busy finding out how.

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