01 May 2012 by Roy Barford

Comrades Marathon 2012: Be inspired by the great race

If you’ve never experienced the Comrades Marathon, this is the year to do so. With a month to make arrangements, there is no reason to miss the opportunity.

Oleysa Nurgalieva. Photo courtesy Kleinz1

The 2012 Comrades Marathon, which takes place on 3 June 2012, starts at City Hall in Pietermaritzburg and finishes at Sahara Stadium Kingsmead in Durban, a run of approximately 90 kilometres.

For the last 9 years, the women’s title has been won by Russian runners, with twins, Oleysa (6 titles) and Elena (2 titles) Nurgalieva proving a formidable force.

Stephen Muzingi is looking good for a 4th consecutive Comrades Marathon title this year

Seeing adults of all ages, shapes and sizes complete this test of endurance and character is a motivational experience for anyone who wonders if they could push themselves harder each day. So while entries have long since closed, this event is free for spectators and there is good reason to make the trip to KwaZulu-Natal to be part of it. You may find that watching the runners giving it their all inspires you to do something similar in life, even if it isn't a physical challenge.

Stephen Muzhingi of Zimbabwe has won the last 3 Comrades Marathons and will be going for a fourth. For the last 9 years, the women's title has been won by Russian runners, with competing twins, Oleysa (6 titles) and Elena (2 titles) Nurgalieva proving a formidable force.

In addition to the 2011 Comrades Marathon, Muzhingi and Elena Nurgalieva won the Two Oceans Marathon in Cape Town during April 2012.

If you don't fancy being at the early start and would rather catch the finish in Durban, book accommodation at one of the beachfront hotels a few kilometres away for best accessibility. Although June is a winter month in Durban, the ocean temperature will be warmer than the air temperature of many European countries, despite it being summer up there. You can most likely look forward to good weather that weekend and there is always a buzz along the beachfront promenade.

For further information about the 2012 Comrades Marathon, phone +27 (0)33 897 8650 or visit www.comrades.com

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